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What does the cognitive explanation argue schizophrenia is caused by?

Disordered and disorganised thinkining


Who developed the attention deficit theory and what is it?

Schizophrenia is a result of a faulty attention system
May be caused by a breakdown in the filtering system which should filter out preconscious thoughts to leave a small amount to enter our consciousness - causes an overload which means thoughts that are normally filtered out as being irrelevant/unimportant are now interpreted in conscious awareness


What symptoms does the attention deficit theory describe?

Positive - delusions, hallucinations


What is a limitation of the cognitive explanation?

It's not clear if the cognitive defects cause schizophrenia or whether the cognitive defects are caused by other factors, such as neurochemical changes


How does the family relations explanation explain schizophrenia?

Using the double-bind theory (Bateson)


What does the behaviour explanation assume?

Schizophrenia is learnt
People are unintentionally reinforced (getting special attention) for their odd behaviours by others and so repeat them


What does the socio-causation hypothesis claim schizophrenia is caused by?

Factors relating to social class
It could be the case that those in lower classes experience more stressful life events than those in upper classes resulting in schizophrenia