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Describe Aversion Therapy

Before treatment: emetic (drug) – nausea/vomiting

During treatment: alcohol + emetic – nausea/vomiting

After treatment: alcohol only – nausea/vomiting

Contingency contracting: individual identifies the environmental factors that associate with smoking/drinking


Apply Aversion Therapy to smoking

Smoking: rapid smoking – individual sits in a closed room taking a puff on a cigarette every 6 seconds, this leads to feelings of nausea – associate unpleasant feelings (nausea) with smoking


What does the Operant Conditioning approach suggest?

Rewards would need to be given to encourage that behaviour
Token economy is most frequently used in institutional settings


What is the aim of CBT?

To change behaviour by changing the conditions that serve to maintain it and by promoting positive cognition
Could be linked to theory of planned behhaviour


Name 2 weaknesses of Smith's research

Doesn't address cause so may not be permanent
Causes distress/discomfort (unethical)


Name a weakness of Higgins' research

May not be effective when rewards stopped


What is a weakness of Ladoucer's findings/CBT?

Not successful for everyone on the programme so it is not effective for all


When are psychological methods most effective?

When used in conjunction with biological therapies