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What is Revolution?

The complete overthrow of a system (people are enlightened and question) --> vs. reform which only touches a couple of laws but stays the same.


How different classes the women came from affected their jobs?

Lower class : sewing factory / manual labor / prostitution (many hours a day, terrible conditions so they could easily catch diseases, losing fingers, brutal manual labor, sex = end of month because they did not have enough money)

Middle class: maid, cook, dressmaker, governor

Upper class : women have time to read so they are more culture people, but still have no rights to speak up


Why were omen classed lower than men by law?

Women’s inferiority was biblically interpreted
(it Eve who ate the Apple of knowledge).


Why is the bike a way for women to get independence?

Because the bike was a mean of travel whenever they wanted.


Which famous authors is Wollstonecraft referring to in her essay?

Rousseau, Dr. Gregory, the Pope and John Milton. They are men who wrote against women and their place in society by diminishing them.


What did Rousseau write that lowered women?

He wrote a book that was an instructional book for women to follow (how to act). The educational system of women were based on these books.


What are women compared to in Wollstonecraft's essay?

Flowers = Classic / no roots to it (not deep) / too delicate / pretty is enough (p. 1506)
Rich men = lazy (p. 1508)
Child = they cannot take care of themselves / small mind (p. 1509)
Soldiers = follow orders / take care of their uniform (too much) (p. 1513)
Slaves = they are at the mercy of their husband (pé 1515)
Toy = can be used by the husband whenever they want (p. 1522)