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What are the main features of Romance?

1) Focuses on the adventures of a single knight or lady - the adventure test the character
2) Follows the moral code defined by the term “chivalry”: praises the worthy and condemns the wicked
3) Important values: truth, religious faith, loyalty and humility


When are the Arthurian Legends situated in time?

- 12th century (1066 - William the Conqueror)


What is Romance?

It is a genre of French vernacular literature in which an individual (a knight) goes on a quest.


What is the role of women in the story?

Women are the temptress (like Eve who tempted Adam to eat the Apple). They are the downfall of men because Sir Gawain was pure, but got burned because he looked at the "sin".


What does "All these fair folk in their young age, together in the hall" means? (p. 139)

It means that all the knights, as well as the King Arthur, were still very young. It also means that it is one of the first legends on the Arthurian period (Sir Gawain's personality changed in the other tales).


What does the colour green mean in the tale?

Green can be seen as nature (nature vs. men) in which the men fought for their lives in the wilderness. At the time, nature meant danger. It can also represent magic.


Why is Sir Gawain the one to fight the Green Knight?

He sacrifices himself for his King and shows his respect and his conviction to him.


What does the mark on Sir Gawain's neck represent?

It represents his sin in which he failed to remain pure.