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In what historical context was "Paradise Lost" written?

It was written at a time were political and religious changes were occurring. The author, John Milton, was highly encouraging the Parliament which distanced itself from the King. The Reformation was influencing people to break from the Church.


What is John Milton's asking at the beginning of his poem?

He is asking help of the muse (God) to inspire him when he cannot tell the story properly. Stanza 1-26: He asks God (who was there when it happened) to help him when he cannot explain.


Is Satan a Romantic Hero or a Tyrannical Despot?

Romantic Despot?
- Satan has feelings (he even cries for the other fallen angels who followed him in his rebellion against God)
- Satan is described as being higher than his comrade (He is the Dictator of Hell)
- Satan is a leader who is arrogant and continues to fight against God


What are the demons going to do to God?

They are going to get back to God by taking over Men'. They will either destroy or take over this new world (Garden of Eden).


What does Satan see God as?

A tyrant (its all a matter of perception). Also, Satan has Hubris (which is arrogance and pride).