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What is an epic?

It is a celebration of deeds of heroes in warrior society and it also has a strong ethical and course of conduct related to valour and honour.


What are the three (3) motifs of an epic?

1) a foundational myth
2) a court sane with an insulting challenge
3) a prophetic dream disaster


What is the definition of "Shame Culture"?

A shame culture is defined by public esteem. Honour and duty are the highest values, while disgrace and humiliation are the greatest of evils. It’s generally considered to be pre-modern and “uncivilised”.


What is the definition of "Guilt Culture"?

A guilt culture is defined by one’s sense of self and one’s conscience. It is internal in nature as approved to external. To differentiate it from shame culture, guilt culture is generally considered to be the exemplary of more modern, “civilised” society.


Where is the story of "Beowulf" set up?

In Scandivania


What type of narration is "Beowulf"?

Oral Tradition type of narration. It was never transcribed before, so people tended to add information and change the story (add Christian values to it).


To whom is Grendel compared to?

Grendel is compared to Cain in the Bible who killed his brother Abel.


Why is Beowulf considered "great"?

He is "great" and shows his greatness through the different challenges he won (he is an excellent warrior for his people).