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The response to a report of a fire in a parking garage will be a:

Light Box Alarm


Parking garages are normally constructed of:

Fire resistive or non-combustible materials


The most important size-up consideration for a parking garage fire is:

Whether the garage is enclosed or open


Enclosed parking garages, including basement parking garages, are required to have a:

Sprinkler system


Enclosed parking garages can be more dangerous because they will:

Confine and contain the products of combustion


Most parking garage standpipes will be a ___ system:

Dry system


Sizing up the structure should include the location of these 3 things:

1. FDC

2. Stairways

3. Standpipe connections


What are the 4 methods of fighting a fire in a parking garage?

1. Supplying the sprinkler system;

2. Attack hose line with tank water;

3. Attack hose line connected to aerial apparatus;

4. Attack hose line connected to the standpipe system


Anytime a pumping apparatus pumps into the sprinkler system, it should be:

Supplied by a hydrant


When pumping into a sprinkler FDC, the initial pressure should be ____ psi at the FDC unless:

150 psi;

-Unless there is a sign indicating a higher pressure


This method will be the easiest and fastest method of fighting a parking garage fire:

Attack hose line with tank water


What size and how long of hose should be connected between the pumping apparatus and aerial apparatus when using the aerial as a standpipe?

50 foot section of 3 inch


It can take up to ___ gallons of water to fill the aerial waterway and hoses:

250 gallons


One disadvantage of a dry standpipe system is:

The amount of water it takes to charge the system


The first in pumping apparatus is responsible for fire attack, which consists of:

Locating, confining, and extinguishing the fire


The first in pumping apparatus should position to:

Allow the firefighters easy access to the stairwell nearest the fire


The firefighters of the 1st in pumping apparatus should bring these to the fire floor:

1. Attack line (Rackline, bundle,or standpipe hose)

2. extinguisher

3. forcible entry tools


The driver of the 1st in pumping apparatus should:

Wait with the unit for further instructions


Upon arrival at the fire floor, the officer should determine the:

Exact location, extent, and severity of the fire


The 2nd arriving pumping apparatus is responsible for:

Assisting with water supply and deploying a 2nd hose line if needed


Upon arrival, the 2nd in pumping apparatus should locate and position:

Near the parking garage FDC and report their location, and find the nearest hydrant to flush


The aerial apparatus is responsible for:

Inside truck work and the use of the aerial device


Upon arrival, the aerial should position to:

Raise the aerial to the fire floor near the fire


The driver of the aerial should initially:

Stay with the ladder and operate the aerial


If the pumping apparatus officer decides to use the aerial as a standpipe, before raising the aerial to the fire floor, the aerial driver must do these 3 things:

1. Remove the nozzle;

2. Place the aerial waterway adapter on the aerial waterway;

3. Ensure the aerial is changed from the rescue position to the firefighting position


The aerial ladder should be set with the exception that:

The ladder will extend several inches when charged


Even if the aerial is not being used as a standpipe, it should be set for (2):

1. Lighting;

2. 2nd means of egress


The aerial firefighters should report to the fire floor with:

1. Forcible entry tools

2. Traffic cones

3. PPV Fan


Who should direct and assist vehicles leaving the parking structure?

The aerial firefighters


If the the 2nd pumping apparatus is needed to deploy a backup line, they should report to the fire floor with:

Either a:

1. Rackline

2. Bundle

3. Standpipe hose


The batt chief car may be used to:

Enter the parking garage for fire location and size-up


When there is a working fire in an underground parking garage, the first-pumping apparatus driver should:

Immediately supply the sprinkler system FDC


Underground parking garages are required to have these 2 things:

1. Sprinkler system

2. Vehicle exhaust system


The normal response to a parking garage fire is based on the assumption of:

A single vehicle is on fire


Upon arrival, these 3 instances require an alarm upgrade to box alarm:

1. Several vehicles on fire

2. There is a fire on more than 1 floor

3. Fire extending into a connected structure


When a sprinkler or standpipe system is used, it has to be serviced by the owner. Who should be notified to ensure that the system is back in service?

AFD Emergency Prevention


When possible, run-off water should be:

Controlled and picked up with absorbent

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