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[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

A relatively new dimension in making explosive devices and bombs is the threat of coupling a conventional explosive with radioactive material thus creating a :

Dirty bomb

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

The _______ from an explosion can contaminate a large area depending on the power of the blast and the type of radioactive source attached to the bomb:


[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

The primary health hazard of radiation is through:

Internal contamination, usually inhalation

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

All reports of an explosion should be considered an intentional criminal act involving a:

Dirty bomb

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

First arriving companies should approach from _______ and ________ being cognitive of ________ ________ and the possibility of _________ ___________:

-Upwind and Uphill

-Secondary devices

-Radiation exposure

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

The initial exclusion zone should be established:

Outside of the fallout area or debris field. If there is a large dust cloud outside of the fallout area, it should be established outside of the dust cloud

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Do the _______ _______ for the _______ ________ in the ________ ________ of time with the ________ _______ to personnel:

-Most good

-Most people

-Shortest amount

-Least risk

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

This may be the most appropriate initial tactic:

Hasty rescue with full PPE and SCBA

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Have personnel don SCBA and full PPE prior to:

Exiting the apparatus

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

If fires are present, adopt _________ firefighting postures outside of the _______ ________:


-Exclusion zone

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

What is the best protection from radiation?




[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Personnel should remain outside of the exclusion zone until:

Arrival of SpecOps and monitoring determines safety

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Who will be responsible for monitoring and detecting if any radioactive material have been coupled with an explosive device?

Spec Ops

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

What should personnel that were involved in hasty rescue go through after the operation (2)?

1. Decon

2. medical examination

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Initial monitoring by Spec Ops will focus on detection of _______ materials followed or concurrent with ________ _________ detection:


-Chemical agent

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Radiological monitoring should be initiated on the approach from _______ ___ ______ utilizing an instrument for _____-_____ radiation detection and utilized in conjunction with a ____-_____ instrument upon exiting the apparatus:

-Inside the cab



[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Exclusion zone limits should be established at a dose rate reading of:

2 millirem per hour

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Spec Ops personnel approaching the blast area for detection/monitoring operations will be utilizing:

Personal dosimeters

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Positive readings for the presence of radiation will require:

Outside resources to help mitigate the incident

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Who will be responsible for the management of patient and technical decon areas?

Spec Ops

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

Command should consider limiting the use of what inside the exclusion zone?

Electronic communications equipment

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

What radioactive particles do our PPE provide protection from?

Alpha and Beta, not gamma

[A605.1 Explosion Incidents]

What type of decon should be established for personnel?

Technical decon

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