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Upon arrival at any light box alarm, command will immediately upgrade response to at least a full box alarm when encountering any of the (3) following conditions:

1. An IDLH atmosphere must be entered for offensive mode fire attack

2. An occupied structure is involved in fire or is directly exposed to fire

3. Command determines the incident will not quickly be brought under control with the currently assigned resources


The choices for mode of operation for a light box alarm are:

Investigative and Defensive


If an offensive mode of attack is warranted:

The incident should be upgraded to a box alarm


In investigative mode, who all will respond to the scene?

-1st in aerial or Rescue

-1st in pumping apparatus

-2nd in pumping apparatus

-battalion chief



In investigative mode, the 2nd in pumping apparatus will respond to the scene and:

Prepare to establish a backup team


When in investigative mode, due to the time lag for other apparatus to be dispatched and respond if the alarm is upgraded, consideration should be given to this:

Establishing a hydrant supply


In defensive mode, the primary strategies should focus on:

Personnel safety and incident stabilization


When should command think of upgrading the alarm in defensive mode?

If it will require laying a supply line for hydrant water supply


In defensive mode, the 2nd pumping apparatus should:

Respond to the scene and establish a backup team to protect initial hose team and assist with extinguishment


In defensive mode, the first pumping apparatus and aerial/rescue will:

Respond to the scene and begin exterior operations

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