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Antigen (Ag)

Protein that stimulates the formation of an antibody


Antibody (Ab)

- Protein formed within the blood that reacts with an antigen
- Produced by recipient and act on invading antigens
- Cause agglutination (clumping) by attaching to antigen



- When blood is agglutinated, it cant pass through tiny capillaries
- Clogs the capillaries and prevents delivery of oxygen and nutrients


Blood type A

- Antigen A
- Antibody B


Blood type B

- Antigen B
- Antibody A


Blood type AB

- Antigen A and B
- No antibodies
- Universal receiver
- Can receive any blood from any donor because it posses both antigens A and B
- Can only donate blood to type AB


Blood type O

- No antigens so AB wont fight off type O
- Antibodies A and B
- Universal donor
- Can donate to all blood types
- Can only accept blood from other blood type O


Glycoproteins (aka antigens)

Located on some RBC and serves as markers that identify blood as different blood types


Rhesus factor

- Inherited Antigens
- Individuals w/ rhesus factor are Rh+
- Individuals w/out rhesus factor are RH-
- Rh- individuals may donate to RH+ individuals but cant receive RH+ blood
- No natural antibodies against Rh factor but can be produced by transfusion


Erythroblastosis Fetalis

- If baby inherits Rh+ factor, Erythroblastosis Fetalis can occur
- First child is okay because blood of mother and baby are separated by placenta