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What is a natural additive

Natural obtained from natural sources

Purple from beetroot


What is a natural identical additive

Synthetic copies of naturally occurring substances

Cheaper than natural

Vanillin extracted from vanilla pods synthetically made from plant lignin


What is an artificial additive

Not naturally occurring

Synthetically made



What is an E- number

Additive are tested for safety before use in EU

Then given E- number


What is a colouring

Used to make food look attractive

Added to colour lost during processing - peas

Natural - roots/ seeds
Synthetic - tartrazine


What is a preservative

Helps keep food fresher for longer - preventing decay

Attack enzymes in bacteria to stop functioning

Minimise food waste

Naturally occurring in small amounts
Synthetic - nitrates (curing meat)/ salt/ vinegar


What is a sweetener

Used to make product healthier

Used as replacement

Widely suitable - diabetics

Weight loss products - gives flavour but low calorie and low cost

Fructose instead of glucose

Sorbitol/ saccharin


What is an emulsifier

Emulsifiers are molecules with on water loving (hydrophilic) and one oil loving (hydrophobic) tail
End attaches to part it likes to stop separating

Help water and oil to disperse in each other creating homogenous emulsion

Helps improve consistency of food

Lecithin - eggs - mayo
Salad dressing


What is a flavouring

Improve flavour of food

Replace lost flavours in production

Used to give strong flavour

Herbs/ fruit/ root/ seed/ vanillin


What is a flavour enhancer

Used to bring out the flavour of an ingredient

Used in processed foods
-> ready meals/ soups/ sauces


What is an antioxidant

Keeps food fresher for longer by stopping chemical reaction to stop rancidity (especially products with fat)

Prevents oxidation

Vitamin c (ascorbic acid)


What is fortification

Addition of nutrients lost during processing

Add desired nutrients to food - enhance nutritional value

Vitamin D - margarine
Calcium - Bread
Vitamin C - orange juice (destroyed with high temp)