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Lavinia and prophecy

“cloud of bees”
“her long hair caught fire”
“Do not seek to join your daughter in marriage to a Latin”


Juno in Book 7

“pierced by bitter resentment
“came down from the sky and struck the stubborn doors”


Allecto in Book 7

“breathed its viper’s breath in to her [Amata] and made her mad”
“threw a burning torch at the warrior and it lodged deep in his heart, smoking with a black light”


Amata in Book 7

“unhappy amata, driven out of her mind by her monstrous affliction”
“pretending that she was possessed by Bacchus”


Turnus being sexist

"leave peace and war to men"


Tiber dream

"this is the home that is decreed for you"


Aeneas being a Roman hero in Book 7

“heart sick at the sadness of war”


Evander greeting Aeneas

"with great joy I recognise who you are"
"My dear son, my only source of joy"
"royal seat of Evander on the Palatine"



“bound to her [Venus] by eternal love”
“armour has to be made for a brave hero”


Meeting Mezentius

“barbaric crimes committed by this tyrant”


Shield of Aeneas

“all manner of monstrous gods”
“alongside the senate and the people of Rome”
“his father’s star shone above his head”
“Aeneas lifted on to his shoulder the fame and the fate of his descendants”


Turnus being Homeric in Book 9

“like a wolf… pen of sheep”
“I too have a destiny… to cut down with the sword this vicious people that has robbed me of my bride”
“you are Phrygian women, not Phrygian men!”
“Juno lending him strength and spirit”



“their heads were lolling. He cut them off.”
“his only offence is to have loved the wrong friend too much!”
“hurled himself on to the dead body of his friend”



“pierced to the heart with a great love of glory”
“head drooped on his shoulders like a scarlet flower”
“helmet of Messapus”


Euryalus' mother

“wailing as women do and tearing her hair”
“I could not bear to see my mother weep”


Ascanius being a leader in Book 9

"my whole life hangs upon the return of my father”
“my father will give you twelve chosen matrons”
“sound of the death dealing bow of Ascanius mingled with the sound of the thunder”


Apollo giving Ascanius advice in Book 9

“Let that be enough, son of Aeneas”
“Troy is not large enough for you”


Jupiter and fate in Book 10

“a treaty has been decided upon. Accept it, and be content”
“Jupiter is the same king to all men. The fates will find their way”


Aeneas' aristeia

“flames poured from the top of his crest”
“harvested with the sword” “burning with rage”
“a brother’s place is with his brother”


Pallas' death

“my father will bear the one fate as easily as the other”
“as he died his bleeding mouth bit the soil of his enemies”


Turnus killing Pallas

“I am sending him back the Pallas he deserves”
“He will bitterly regret this spoil and the day he took it”


Turnus as a good leader in Book 10

“I see them wandering about without a leader”


Juno 'helping' Turnus in Book 10

“an effigy in the form of Aeneas”
“tore the ship from her moorings”



“moaned bitterly for the father whom he loved”
“it pierced, too, the tunic his mother had woven for him”


Mezentius' change of heart

“I would to heaven I had paid with this guilty life of mine”
“let my body be buried in the earth”


Pallas' funeral

“live to see us in our kingdom”
“The captives, whose hands he had bound behind their backs”


Aeneas addressing those asking to bury their dead

“he should have faced these weapons of mine in battle”
“it was your king who abandoned our sworn friendship”


Evander hearing about Pallas' death

“a father should not survive his son”
“debt I was fated to pay”


The Rutulians

“so that Turnus can get himself a royal bride, our lives are cheap”
“let us propose a treaty on just terms, inviting them to become partners in our kingdom”


Turnus defending the continuation of war

“Thybris rising, swollen with Trojan blood”
“the house of Evander destroyed root and branch”