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Why must aircraft obtain an ATC clearance

Because the law says they must


What is an ATC clearance?

Authorisation for an aircraft to proceed under conditions specified by an Air Traffic Control Unit


What must a clearance contain?

-Full aircraft identification
-Clearance Limit
-Level of Flight and changes of level


What else may a clearance contain?

-AFTM Slot
-Time restrictions
-Communications instructions
-Any special instructions


What is a Clearance Limit?

The point to which an aircraft is granted an Air Traffic Control Clearance


What examples of Clearance Limit are there?

- An aerodrome
- A Reporting Point
- A Controlled or Advisory Airspace Boundary


When should an aircraft be cleared for the whole route to its destination aerodrome?

When the flight will remain within controlled or advisory airspace for the duration of the flight and there is reasonable assurace that prior co-ordination will be effected ahead of the passage of the aircraft


If a pilot must be given a new route, what should a controller do?

-Explain the reason for the new route
-Specify if the new clearance only covers part of the route so that the pilot can comply with radio failure procedures


Which aircraft has priority if 2 aircraft wish to cruise at the same level?

The preceding aircraft


What are a controller's actions if a person calls the tower to prohibit a flight

Establish the authenticity and power of the person calling before withholding a clearance


What are a controller's actions if it is known that a flight has been detained by HM Police or Customs?

Withhold Take-Off Clearance


What are a controller's actions if they believe that a flight will endanger life or breach legislation?

Warn the pilot and obtain an acknowledgement. Inform the pilot that the appropriate authorities will be contacted
The pilot may still elect to depart, the phraseology to use is 'There are no traffic reasons to restrict take off'
Fill in form 1261 or 939 if appropriate


What are the flight priorities?

A - Emergencies, including police emergency.
Ambulance / Medical where the safety of life is involved

B - Search and Rescue and Humanitarian Flights.
Open Skies Flights.
Post Accident Flight Checks.
Other special purpose flights authorised by the CAA

C - Royal Flights and Flights carrying visiting heads of state

D - Flights notified as carrying heads of government of very senior government ministers

E - Flight Check aircraft engaged in, or in transit to, weather or time critical calibration flights

Normal Flights
i) Flights which have filed a flight plan
ii) Initial Instrument Flight Tests conducted by the CAA (RTF C/S "EXAM...")

Z - Training, Non-standard and other flights


In which class of airspace MUST a clearance be obtained?

VFR - B,C & D
IFR - A, B, C, D & E


Who can request a direct routing?

Pilot can request it or the controller can offer it


If a direct routing takes the aircraft outside CAS what must the controller do?

Inform the pilot that it will take him outside of controlled airspace so the pilot can decide whether or not to accept the route


What is the phraseology for a VFR departure clearance?

GSENX, Right turn out, cleared to leave controlled airspace via route B, not above altitude 2000ft VFR


What is the phraseology for a Circuit clearance?

GBTAW, cleared left hand circuits, runway 26, VFR, squawk 7010


What is the phraseology for IFR clearances?

Speedbird 123, cleared to leave controlled airspace via route V, squawk 7202


What is the phraseology for IFR clearances departing on a SID?

Speedbird 123, cleared to Heathrow TAVY 4A departure, squawk 5042


What must a controller do when there is an amendment to a clearance?

A new clearance must be issued
Pilots must receive the new clearance in full
A new clearance automatically cancels the previous one
Controllers must ensure separation when the new clearance alters SID vertical profile
If the SID route is altered, the level profile is to be included in the clearance