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What does MATS Part 1 contain?

Procedures, Instructions and Information which are intended to form the basis of Air Traffic Services within the UK


What Air Traffic Services are Provided?

Air Traffic Control Service
Air Traffic Advisory Service
Flight Information Service
Alerting Service


For what purposes is an Air Traffic Control Service Provided?

- For preventing collisions between aircraft in the air
- Assisting in preventing collisions between aircraft on the manoeuvring area and apron
- Assisting in preventing collisions between aircraft and obstructions on the manoeuvring area
- Expediting and Maintaining a Safe, Orderly flow of Air Traffic


What is an Air Traffic Control Unit?

The place from which instructions and advice are given by radio signals to aircraft in the interests of safety


What does MATS Part 2 contain?

Instructions which apply to a particular unit. They amplify and interpret, at a local level, the MATS Part 1 instructions


What is the AIP?

Aeronautical Information Publication. Contains aeronautical information of lasting nature essential to air navigation


According to ICAO, what the 5 basic Freedoms which apply to aviation?

Right to overfly without landing
Right to land for non-commercial reasons
Right to put down passengers, freight, mail from the home country
Right to pick up passengers, freight, mail and take to home country
Right to pick up and drop off from anywhere to anywhere


Where are the differences between UK Law and ICAO SARPS listed?



What regulations may the secretary of state prescribe?

The manner in which aircraft move or fly, including military priority
Lights and other signals to be show by aircraft and persons
Lighting and Markings of Aerodromes
Provisions for securing the safety of aircraft in flight and in movement and for the safety of persons or property on the surface


What does Notified Mean?

Set forth with the authority of the CAA and in a document published by, or under arrangement with, the CAA and entitled United Kingdom NOTAM or Air Pilot and for the time being in force


How are rules and regulations made public?

Incorporated into UK Parliament by the Civil Aviation Act. This permits the ANO. This then enables the Rules of the Air. Changes are published in AIR or NOTAM


To which aircraft so the UK rules of the air apply

All aircraft in the UK and in the neighbourhood of off-shore installations
All UK registered aircraft, wherever they may be


When may the Rules of the Air be departed from?

Avoiding immediate danger (details passed to authority within 10 days)
When complying with the law of any country within which the aircraft is operating
When complying with MOD flying regulations abut only when the aircraft commander is acting as a member of the UK armed forces


Most of the ANO does not apply to small aircraft. What is a small aircraft?

A balloon of less than 2 metres diameter
A kite of not more than 2kgs
A model aircraft of not more than 20kgs without fuel
Any parachute


What is the definition of Flight?

In the case of piloted flying machine, from the moment when the crew first embark for the purposes of taking off the aircraft first moves under its own power to the moment when it next comes to rest after landing


What does Articles 73 and 74 state?

A person shall not recklessly or negligently act in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft or person therein. A person shall not recklessly or negligently permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property


Before granting a licence to provide ATC, what must the CAA Consider? (SOME)

Maintenance of Equipment
Whether the equipment is appropriate


What is the legal standing of a MATS Part 2

Every unit must produce a MATS part 2
If requested it must be presented to the CAA within reasonable time of the request being made
It must be amended and added to as directed by the CAA
The ATC Service provided must be in accordance with the MATS Pt 2


At an Aerodrome with an Approach Aid, what are the duties of the 'person in charge'?

Inform the CAA of the operating times of all approach aids
Provide an Approach Control Service at the times notified
Provide ATC, AFIS or A/G service as directed by the CAA
Ensure details of proceudres, aids and hours of watch are notified


What 6 qualities do the CAA Consider when determining if a person is fit to become and ATCO? (CEKSPM)

Physical Fitness
Mental Fitness


What is the minimum age for the issue of a Student Air Traffic Controller's License?



How long is a Student Air Traffic Controller's License valid?

2 years


What is the minimum age for the issue of a Full Air Traffic Controller's License?



For a person to provide an Air Traffic Control Unsupervised, What must the holder of an Air Traffic Controller License have?

An Appropriate Rating in their license
An appropriate unit endorsement
A valid medical certificate


How many days may a person be ill or incapacitated before their license is deemed to be suspended?

20 days


When does Suspension of the license cease?

When pronounced fit following a medical examination by the CAA or, if exempt from a medical, upon meeting conditions which the CAA deems necessary


What should a Woman do if she suspects she is pregnant?

Notify the CAA and her line manager


What is the prescribed Alcohol Limit for ATCOs?

9 microgram's / 100ml in breath
20 microgram's/100ml in blood
27 microgram's/100ml in urine


What should a controller do if they are suffering, or suspect they will be suffering, from fatigue?

Not control if they know or suspect they are suffering from, or are likely to suffer from fatigue


When may a signal or marking be used?

A signal or marking which has a meaning under the rules of the air shall only be used according to its meaning in the rules