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Define the term Traffic Information

Information issued by an ATSU controller to alert a pilot or controller to other known or observed air traffic which may be in proximity to the position or intended route of flight and to help the pilot


What is meant by 'in proximity'

If the projected tracks are going to cross
If the projected tracks will be close enough to allow pilots to see each other and to a see and avoid principle


When is it a good time to pass traffic information

To Outbound traffic - Immediately prior to take off clearance or as soon as practicable thereafter (not during climb out)
When an estimate is received about an inbound, before the outbound is transferred to radar
To Inbound Traffic - normally in a separate transmission as soon as possible after joining instructions or if imminent, before joining instructions given
To Circuit Traffic - immediately prior to take off clearance or once the a/c has passed the upwind end of the RWY