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What is Flow Management

A service established with the objective of contributing to a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic by ensuring that ATC Capacity is utilised to the maximum extent possible and that the traffic volume is compatible with the capacities declared by the appropriate ATS authority


What are the phases and timings for Flow Management

Strategic Flow Management
18 months to 7 days prior to flight

Pre-Tactical Flow Management
6 days prior to flight

Tactical Flow Management
On the day


What is a CTOT

Calculated Take-Off Time


How is a CTOT calculated

Using the elapsed flight time between the aerodrome of departure and the point(s) at which the flow regulation is in effect


What is a CTOT sometimes referred to as?

Approved Departure Time (ADT)


How long before EOBT is a CTOT sent to the Aircraft Operator and ATC?

2 hours prior to EOBT


What are the Timings for the Slot Window?

5 minutes before CTOT to 10 minutes after CTOT


Who is responsible for ensuring that an aircraft departs within the Slot Window?

ATC at the departure aerodrome


What is a SAM?

Slot Allocation Message


What is a SIP

Slot Improvement Message