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Safety Equipment

- Flight deck (steel-toed) safety shoes - Cranial impact helmet
- Protective eye goggles
- Leather gloves.



used for aircraft takeoff and landing


Threshold markings

parallel stripes on the ends of the runways. The stripes are 12 feet wide by 150 feet long and designate the landing area.


Overrun area

Paved or un-paved section on the ends of the runways that provide a reasonably effective deceleration area for aborting or overshooting aircraft.


MA-1 Series Overrun Barrier

Designed to stop tricycle landing gear equipped aircraft not equipped with tail hooks. The MA-1A is always in a standby status, in case there is an aborted takeoff or an emergency overrun landing.



Paved areas for aircraft to move between parking aprons, runways, and airfield services


Parking apron

Used for parking, servicing, and loading aircraft; they are connected to the runways by taxiways


Runway numbering system

numbered in relation to their magnetic heading rounded off to the nearest 10 degrees, i.e., a runway heading of 250 degree is runway 25. If there are 2 runways whose centerline is parallel, the runway will be identified as L (left) and R (right) or 25L or 25R, if there are 3 parallel runways C (center) is added.


Airfield rotating beacon

used to identify the airport's location
rotates clockwise at a constant speed and military airfields use 2 white lights and one green flashing 12 to 15 times per minute


Yellow jersey

Aircraft Handling Officer, Flight Deck Officer, Catapult Officer, Air Bos’n, Arresting Gear Officer and Plane directors


White jersey

Safety department, Air Transport Officer, Landing Signal Officer, Squadron Plane Inspectors (troubleshooters) and medical.


Brown jerseys

Plane captain


Blue jersey

Aircraft Handling and Chock Crewman (Chocks, Chains and Tractors) and Elevator Operators


Green jersey

Catapult and Arresting Gear personnel, Squadron Aircraft Maintenance personnel, Helicopter Landing Signal Enlisted-man and Photographers.


Red jersey



Purple jersey

Aviation fuel crew


Purple K Powder (PKP)

12-inch wide red stripe with a white 3-inch high ―PKP‖ stenciled in the center of the stripe on the wheel stop coaming


Bomb jettison ramp

designated to eliminate loose ordinance will have a yellow stripe painted up and over the deck edge at both ends of the ramp opening. The flight deck in front of the ramp opening is marked with alternating 4-inch wide red and yellow stripes with a 12-inch black facsimile of a bomb centered.