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Define ambush patrolling

An ambush is a surprise attack by fire from a concealed position upon moving or temporarily halted enemy target.


What is the primary purpose of an ambush

to destroy enemy troops and equipment


What is the secondary purpose of an ambush

harass enemy units


What are the classifications of ambushes?

Deliberate, Ambush of opportunity, hasty ambush.


What are the two types of ambushes

Point and area ambushes


What is the definition of a point ambush?

Where forces are deployed to attack a single kill zone.


What is the definition of a Area ambush?

where forces are deployed to attack multiple mutually supported kill zones.


What is the definition of an ambush site?

Terrain on which an ambush is established. Physically occupied!


Define Kill Zone.

Portion of the ambush where fires are concentrated to isolate, trap, and destroy the enemy.


What is a Objective Rally Point (ORP)?

ambush site where the patrol makes its final preparations before occupying the ambush site and where the patrol reorganizes after the accomplishment of the mission.


What is the release point?

The position after the ORP and just before the ambush site where the patrol leader passes control to the element and team leaders.


What must a Patrol Leader complete prior to an ambush?

an accurate estimate of the enemy. METT-TC


What units make up a ambush patrol?

assault unit, security unit, support unit


What are six things to consider when planning an ambush in regards to equipment?

1. Gear and equipment common to all
2. Gear and equipment required for movement
3. Gear and equipment required on the objective
4. Gear and equipment that enhance observation
5. Gear and equipment that enhance observation
6. Gear and equipment that enhance weapons employment.


How many routes do you need when planning patrols?

A primary and secondary


An effective ambush site will?

Canalize the enemy into the kill zone, trap hi there and impede his ability to maneuver once attacked. Provide favorable fields of fire on the enemy in the kill zone.


An example of an alert signal?

The PL may plan a silent signal such as tug lines to alert other members of the patrol of the enemy's approach.


What is the order of withdraw to the ORP site?

The assault unit withdraws first followed by the support unit and the security unit.


What is the importance of local security while in an ambush site?

Local security must be maintained to the front, flanks and rear of the ambush site from the time that the patrol occupies the ORP until the patrol departs the ORP for friendly lines.


In an ambush surprised is achieved by?

carefully planning and preparation, patience and discipline, stealth during movement and occupation, violence of action, fire superiority during execution.


What is the importance of shock during an ambush?

Shock allow the ambush force to overwhelm a surprised enemy and is accomplished by sudden and violent massing of fires. Ambushes that achieve surprise but fail to achieve shock are less successful than ones that achieve shock and surprise.


What is the purpose of a debrief after an ambush?

To provide the unit commander with information about his battlespace, the enemy that is operating within it, and the potential for him to operate within it.