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Define Tactics?

The art & science of winning engagements & battles, per MCDP 1-3.


What are the six tactical tenets?

1. Achieving a decision.
2. Gaining an advantage.
3. Being faster.
4. Adapting.
5. Cooperating.
6. Exploiting success & finishing.


Define the art of tactics?

The art of tactics lies in how we creatively form & apply military force in a given situation.


Define the science of tactics?

The science of tactics lies in the technical application of combat power.


What are the 9 Principles of War?

1. Mass
2. Objective
3. Offensive
4. Security
5. Economy of force
6. Maneuver
7. Unity of command
8. Surprise
9. Simplicity


Define Mass?

The concept of concentrating the effects of combat power at the decisive place & time to achieve decisive results.


Define Objective?

Directing every military operation toward a clearly defined, decisive, & attainable objective.


Define Offensive?

The concept that we, as a fighting force, are continuously focused on seizing, retaining, & exploiting the initiative.


Define Security?

The concept of never permitting the enemy to acquire an unexpected advantage.


Define Economy of Force?

The concept of allocating minimum essential combat power to secondary efforts.


Define Maneuver?

The concept that we seek to place the enemy in a disadvantageous position through the flexible application of combat power.


Define Unity of Command?

The concept that for every objective, we ensure unity of effort under one responsible commander.


Define Surprise?

To strike the enemy at a time or place or in a manner for which he is unprepared.


Define Simplicity?

The concept that the preparation of clear uncomplicated plans; and clear concise orders, ensures thorough understanding & therefore ease of execution.


How do we 'Achieve a Decision'?

1. Understand the situation.
2. Analytical decision making.
3. Intuitive decision making (pattern recognition).
4. Acting decisively.
5. Shaping the battlefield.
6. Designating a Main Effort.


How de we 'Gain an Advantage'?

1. Through Mass & Technological Maneuver
2. Through Time & Spatial Maneuver
3. Through Psychological & Technological Maneuver


How do we 'Become Faster'?

1. Speed
2. Tempo


What are the 5 ways to increase speed & tempo?

1. Simplicity
2. Decentralization afforded by Unity of Command
3. Experience & Communication
4. Positioning leaders at points of friction
5. Maneuver in time


What are the two elements that make up experience?

1. Implicit communication
2. Lateral communication


How do we 'Adapt'?

1. Anticipation
2. Improvisation


Define anticipation?

Having enough situational awareness (METT-TC) to understand a situation in advance & take preparatory action.


Define improvisation?

Adapting to the situation at the spur of the moment, without time for preparation, & often based on intuition with less situational awareness.


How do we 'Cooperate'?

1. Centralized Command
2. Decentralized Command (preferred)
3. Self-Discipline


How do we 'Exploit Success & Finish'?

1. Consolidation
2. Exploitation
3. Pursuit


What 3 elements allow Marines to be 'strong finishers'?

1. Aggressive mentally
2. Understand Commander's Intent
3. Constantly look for gaps to exploit