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What is logistics?

All actions required to move and maintain forces. includes the acquisition and positioning of resources as well as the delivery of those resources to the forces.


Which concept is larger logistics or combat service support?



Define combat service support?

The activity which actually provides services and supplies to the combat forces.


What does strategic, operational, & tactical logistics support?

The levels of war.


Define strategic logistics?

Supports the organizing, training and equipping of forces needed to further the national interest.


Define operational logistics?

Links tactical requirements and strategic capabilities to accomplish operational goals and objectives.


Define tactical logistics?

Includes organic unit capabilities and combat service support activities required to support military operations.


What are the principles of logistics support?

1. Responsiveness2. Simplicity3. Flexibility4. Economy5. Attainability6. Sustainability7. Survivability


Define responsiveness?

Providing the right support at the right time in the right places. KEYSTONE of logistics support.


Define simplicity?

Efficiency in both planning & executing of logistics operations through establishment of priorities & standardized procedures.


Define flexibility?

Ability to adapt logistics structure & procedures to changing situations, missions, & concepts of operations.


Define economy?

Providing sufficient support at the least cost without impairing mission accomplishment or jeopardizing lives.


Define attainability?

Ability to provide the minimum, essential supplies & services required to begin combat operations.


Define sustainability?

Ability to maintain logistics support to all users throughout area of operations for the duration of the operation.


Define survivability?

Capacity of the organization to protect its forces & resources.


What are the 2 fundamental elements of the logistics system?

1. Distribution system2. Command & control (C2)


Define distribution system?

Made up of bases & procedures.


Define bases?

Foundation of the entire logistics system, providing fixed points from which resources are acquired, maintained & distributed.


What are the 4 options for bases in a distribution system?

1. Permanent bases - sustained support for large elements of the force.2. Forward bases - established w/in AO to provide operational/tactical level support3. Seabasing - sustainment to units ashore from ships offshore4. Prepositioning - staging of equipment & supplies in forward location for use by force at future time.


Define procedures?

Reduced to its simplest form.


What are the 2 types of procedures in a distribution system?

1. Pull - places almost total responsibility on unit needing support.2. Push - uses calculations of anticipated logistics to position/deliver resources where needed.


Define command & control (C2)?

Links the distribution system to the planning/execution of operations by the effective employment of limited resources.


What 3 essential tasks does C2 aid the commander in accomplishing?

1. Anticipating future requirements2. Allocating resources3. Dealing with uncertainty


What are the 6 functional areas of CSS?

1. Supply - acquiring & issuing material; may be consumable, or durable material, components, & end items2. Maintenance - actions to keep & return material in serviceable condition.3. Transportation - means & controls for managing the transportation means.4. General Engineering - used to reinforce or augment combat engineer organizations.5. Services - provides effective admin, mgmt, & employment of military organizations.6. Health services - minimize the effects of wounds/injuries/diseases have on unit's readiness/morale/effectiveness.


What are the 2 levels of maintenance?

1. Field - maintenance that doesn't require depot maintenance capability & is performed by crew/operators/mechanics/technicians w/in Marine Corps. 2. Depot - not defined by location. Other service depots, commercial facilities, &/or original equipment manufactures.


What are the 3 categories of maintenance?

1. Organizational2. Intermediate3. Depot


What are the 10 categories known as classes of supply?

1 - subsistence, rations, health & welfare items2. minor end items, clothing & individual equipment3. petroleum, oils, lubricants4. construction materials5. ammo (ground/aviation)6. personal demand items7. major end items8. medical supplies9. repair parts10. non-military items (human ops)