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What is patrolling?

A detachment of ground, sea, or air forces sent out for the purpose of gathering information or carrying out a destructive, harrassing, mopping-up, or security mission.


What 2 types of classifications are there for patrols

1. Means of Movement (Foot, Motorized, Helo-borne, Waterborne 2. Mission (Reconnaissance and Combat Patrols)


What is the most reliable patrol used to obtain timely and accurate information about the enemy and terrain?

Reconnaissance Patrol


What are the 3 types of Reconnaissance Patrols?



What is a Route Reconnaissance?

Obtaining detailed information of a specified route and all terrain in which the enemy could influence movement along that route.


What is an Area Reconnaissance?

obtaining detailed information on the terrain or enemy activity within a prescribed area such as a town, ridge line, woods, or other features critical to operations.


What is a Zone Reconnaissance?

Obtaining information on all routes, obstacles (to include chemical/radiological), terrain, and enemy forces within a zone defined by boundaries.


The 3 types of Combat Patrols



What is a Security Patrol and its Purpose?

Patrol used in proximity to defensive positions. The purpose of a security patrol is to detect infiltration by the enemy, destroy infiltrators, and protect against surprise/ambush.


What is a Contact Patrol and its Purpose?

Establish/maintain contact with an enemy force when the definite location is unknown. Maintain contact via direct/indirect/observation IOT gain situational awareness on the enemy's composition/disposition/strength.


What is an Ambush Patrol and its purpose?

Surprise Attack from a concealed position on a moving or halted target IOT close with and destroy the enemy.


What units make up the squad size patrol?

Support, Assault, Security


What is the Security Units responsibility?

Provide front/flank security during movement. On contact, isolate the enemy, secure the Objective Rally Point (ORP), and cover the withdrawal of the support unit.


What is the Assault Units responsibility?

Provide rear security during movement. On contact, engage the enemy, assault through and search objective area, and emplace any demolition.


What is the Support Units responsibility?

Controls speed/direction of movement of patrol, may provide flank security during patrol, communications with higher, any and all aspects to control and support the patrol.On contact, Direct movement to the objective and establish the Objective Rally Point (ORP)


What is essential to the overall success of a patrol?

Command and Control


Who in the patrol is responsible for EPW's, CASEVAC's, accountability, dispersion, and sometimes flank security

Assistant Patrol Leader


Who in the patrol is ultimately reponsible for everything that happens or fails to, reporting changes to higher via POSREP/SITREP, and decides proper immediate action on enemy contact.

Patrol Leader


What types of halts are there in a patrol?

Short, Long, and Listening (SLLS)


What does the SLLS stand for in a Listening Halt and when should this halt occur?

Stop, Look, Listen, Smell. The halt should be conducted one terrain feature away from friendly lines.


What is the time duration for a short halt and what should you do in a short halt?

time duration of 3-5 minutes, and patrol maintains security in formation.


What is the time duration for a long halt and what should you do in a long halt?

Duration in excess of 3-5 minutes and a 360 degree security perimeter should be established.


What is a rally point?

A point on the ground where a patrol assembles and reorganizes if dispersed or separated, normally after breaking contact with enemy.


What 3 types of rally points are there?

Initial, en route, and objective


What is an initial rally point (IRP)?

An initial point within friendly lines where the patrol can rally before departing friendly lines


What is an en route rally point?

Point between the initial rally pojnt (IRP) and the objective rally point (ORP)


What is an Objective Rally Point (ORP)?

Rally Point located nearest the objective where the patrol makes fianl preparations prior to approaching the objective.


What is established when crossing a danger area?

A rally point: The Patrol leader designates a near side and a far side rally point.


What is a hasty ambush?

Used when the patrol has spotted the enemy but the enemy has not spotted them.


What is chance contact/immediate assault?

When the patrol and the enemy spot each other concurrently.


What is considered a near ambush and what should you do if caught in one?

Within 50 Meters of enemy direct fire weapons (considered hand genade range).Immediately return fire and exit the kill zone ASAP. The most expedient exit may be an assault toward the enemy. Units not in the kill zone try to maneuver.


What is considered a far ambush and what should you do if caught in one?

Anything farther than 50 Meters. Marines caught in the kill zone take cover and try to achieve fire superiority. Those not in the kill zone try to relieve pressure on units in the kill zone.