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Two common sources of ingested toxin?

– Botulism (Food, Weapons, Infantile)

– C.perfringens (Type A) – enterotoxin, vomiting after eating lukewarm meat pies


Causes of deep neck infections, adults vs. kids:

• Dental infections
• Acute tonsillitis
• Trauma
• Foreign body

• Acute tonsillitis
• Dental infections
• Congenital abnormality (Especially if recurring !)


What is Lemierre's syndrome?

bacterial spread from a primary infection in the oropharynx that spreads to the lateral pharyngeal space and progresses to the internal jugular vein, leading to septic emboli and metastatic infection – fatal!


That's kind of it. Some bacteria were brought up and were added to the flash cards/micro table.

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Why are many anaerobic bacteria known as facultative organisms?

Many can grow in low O2 environments (not strict anaerobes) and can help strict anaerobes survive by using up the O2


What do we mean when we say synergy in this context?

one microorganism produces
materials that facilitate the growth of another,
or its protection from a hostile factor – often a
mixed infection, can be very rapid


Why do surgeons like anaerobic infections?

Cuz you can Heal with Steal!
Anaerobic infections were a HUGE cause of amputations (and still are), and surgery is a common treatment, antibiotics may not be needed at all!


What are some anaerobe specific antibiotics? (Note: These specifically treat anaerobes but are not EXCLUSIVELY for anaerobes)

Penicillins, Carbapenems (popular, but be warned, they tend to add selective pressure to gut biota, causing overgrowth of one species like C. diff), Clindamycin (popular oral treatment), Metronidazole (mainstay IV anaerobic antibiotic)


Random clinical plug! (feel free to hit 5) What is torticollis?

a condition in which the head becomes persistently turned to one side, often associated with painful muscle spasms.
May see due to strained muscle from physical activity or from infection to one side of the neck


wtf is Eikenella corrodens?

fastidious gram negative bacillus,
facultative - likes more CO2, common in bite wounds!


What is strep intermedius?

– gram positive cocci, also a facultative anaerobe, frequent sinus pathogen


What about Prevotella oralis? What is one worrying thing about this organism?

- more strictly anaerobic gram negative bacillus
– 43.2% Resistant for PCN by ß-lactamases, Neck infections common