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What is an essential aspect of improving plant and personnel performance per ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training?

Thorough performance analysis of shortfalls and adverse trends.


When does the SAT process begin?

The SAT process begins after performance analysis has identified that training is at least part of the solution to a plant or personnel performance shortfall or need.


ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, states what as the goal for the Analysis Phase?

To identify the skills and knowledge the training requires.


According to ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, what are the five key aspects of the Analysis phase?

1. Job Analysis
2. Task Analysis
3. Task performance standards, knowledge & skills for evaluation.
4. Identification of tasks to be modified due to changing conditions.
5. Identification of appropriate measures for training success in plant/personnel performance improvement.


How does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, suggest we measure training's success in plant or personnel performance improvement?

When training is used to improve plant or personnel performance, traditional training performance measures, such as examination pass rates, may be insufficient to provide a complete assessment of training effectiveness.

Indirect performance indicators such as rework rate, equipment reliability indicators and human performance error rate should be considered.


What must a Performance Analysis that identifies a need for training identify?

The specific knowledge and skill causing the performance gap.


When is a Training Analysis required?

Regulatory or INPO requirements change.
Job scope changes (e.g. tasks are transferred to another discipline)
Procedures or processes change
New equipment is acquired
Plant modifications are planned
A new task is identified
A performance gap analysis identifies a knowledge and/or skill deficiency


When is a Training Analysis not required?

Operations requalification program requirements
Accredited program guidelines (ACADs)
Periodic refresher training


If training to improve performance is conducted and is UNSAT, what must be done?

Initiate a condition report.


How is a Difficulty, Importance, Frequency (DIF) Analysis completed?

FJITT-TRNC-JOBANA is used to prepare DIF participants.
Attachment 9.1 of EN-TQ-201-01 is used to document.


Where is the completed Analysis documented?

EN-TQ-ANO7 Training Analysis and Design Worksheet. and attached in Vision


What three types of Analysis are covered by EN-TQ-201-01 SAT-Analysis Phase?

Training Analysis
Topic Analysis
Task/Topic List Review


When is a Topic Analysis utilized?

Supports design and development of ACAD recommended topics and is done in lieu of job analysis. Programs such as Engineering Support, Maintenance Supervisor and Instructor Training are principally topic based.


When are Task/Topic List Reviews required and what is reviewed?

Every six years perform the following:
1. Validate accuracy of task/topic titles and wording
2. Determine tasks need to be added or deleted
3. Validate DIF rating, if applicable
4. Validate periodicities for continuing training.
5. Validate qualification matrices.
6. Review/validate tasks designated as "must-perform"


What can be completed using the attachments in EN-TQ-201-01?

Attchmt 9.1 Job Analysis Guidelines - includes DIF
Attchmt 9.2 Task Analysis Guidelines