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What is the goal of the Implementation Phase according to What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training?

Training is delivered as planned, and trainee and instructor performance is evaluated.


What are the four key steps of the Implementation Phase according to ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training?

  1. Select and train instructors/SME's
  2. Consider methods of exempting trainees.
  3. Collect feedback on training content and delivery
  4. Maintain records.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "Select and train instructors/SME's?"

Provide sufficient time for instructor preparation to help ensure general adherence to the lesson plan.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "Consider methods of exempting trainees?"

A pretest could be used to exempt trainees from the training if they had previously achieved the learning objectives.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "Collect feedback on training content and delivery?"

Could include the effects of training on personnel and plant performance; reinforcement of management expectations; trainee test and evaluation performance; and instructor, trainee and management critiques of training.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "Maintain records?"

Maintain records of training attendance, content, results and feedback to support management information needs and to document trainee and instructor performance.


What considerations are made in selecting instructors to assign to training sessions?


  1. Instructional setting qualifications
  2. Discipline qualification
  3. SRO license or certification
  4. State/Federal certification


What schedule changes require line and training management agreement prior to actual change?


  • Addition/deletion of lessons/topical content
  • Moving training which would affect the plant schedule


What is done for schedule changes made greater than 7 days from scheduled date? Less than or equal to?

Schedule changes greater than seven days out, review LMS for impact to trainee qualification(s)

Schedule changes less than seven days out, review EN-TQ-212, Conduct of Training and Qualification for guideance. 


How do you prepare for training?


Review the materials to ensure

  1. Technical information is current
  2. Powerpoint presentations and other supporting materials have been approved as part of lesson plan.

Account for non-incorporated lesson plan changes or temporary modifications


What is personalization and under what conditons is it allowed?

Personalization includes using examples, ancedotes or additional training aids not already identified in the lesson plan.

It is allowed provided it DOES NOT change the learning objectives or lesson plan intent/scope.

Personalization DOES NOT require course material revision.


Can the presentation of the training information be varied at the creative discretion of the instructor?

Yes, as long as it meets the instructional intent (design) of the lesson.


What presentation techniques should always be utlitized?

  1. Use direct and indirect questions to check for understanding of course objectives, and facilitate involvement of trainees.
  2. Monitor student behaviors and learning for attentiveness, involvement and comprehension.
  3. Implement activities to reinforce mastery of objectives.


How is performance based training delivered?


  1. Review the instructions and applicable references, tools and equipment.
  2. Allow trainee(s) to study the instructions and references.
  3. Demonstrate proper task performance, as necessary.
  4. Allow sufficient trainee practice.


How is simulator training conducted?

Per EN-TQ-210, Conduct of Simulator Training


How is OJT/TPE conducted?

Per EN-TQ-204, OJT/TPE


How are the adminstrative requirements of training governed?

Per EN-TQ-212, Conduct of Training and Qualification


What governs Examination Security?

EN-TQ-217, Examination Security.


What happes if during an exam an evacuation of the classroom is required?

  1. Remember that student and training personnel safety is the first priority.
  2. Follow evacuation instructions.
  3. Ask the students to pick up their exams and exit the training building. IF the students are taking a CBT exam ask the students to turn off their monitors.
  4. As the students leave the classroom the proctor should collect the exams and keep possession of them.
  5. Advise the students not to converse with each other about the exam.
  6. The instructor should stay with the students as much as possible.
  7. When personnel are allowed to re-enter the building, take the following actions:
  • IF the proctor believes the exam has been compromised, THEN suspend the exam and consult with training management.
  • IF the proctor does not believe the exam has been compromised, THEN resume the exam.


What do you do if cheating is suspected during an exam?

  1. Approach examinee(s) suspected of cheating.
  2. Ask individual(s) involved to leave the room immediately.
  3. Confiscate individual’s exam and any other material that may be used as evidence.
  4. Report the incident to training management.
  5. Initiate a condition report for the event.
  6. Refer to EN-TQ-217, Examination Security for reporting requirements for NRC exams.


Under what conditons would an exam be regraded?

Exam regrades may be warranted for a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to:

  • Marginal failure or pass scores
  • Error in the exam key.
  • Trainee believes an error that impacts score has been made.
  • Instructor sees a questionable failure rate on an exam item or exam.
  • Failure occurs in an electronic grading machine.


When is an exam analysis performed?

  • A class with • 4 trainees and any single question is missed by • 50% of the class.
  • Analysis is requested by a program owner or training management.
  •  For new CBT exams, when five failures have occurred.


How long should an Oral Board last?

To evaluate a broad range of trainee knowledge, oral boards should typically be scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours and may last as long as 3 to 5 hours.


What do trainees receive during an Oral Board review?

A copy of the weaknesses list developed by the board members.

The review covers questions answered with less than 100% accuracy at a minimum.


How are JPM's governed?

Per EN-TQ-114, Licensed Operator Requalification Training Program.


What governs Out of the Box evaluations?



What governes Simulator Evaluations?

EN-TQ-210 Conduct of Simulator Training


What governs remediation plans and what are some key points in a remediation plan?

Step 5.16 Manage Unsatisfactory Trainee Performance

Consider the individual’s overall performance in training and on the job to ensure a robust remediation is implemented to strengthen identified performance deficiencies.


What warrants an Academic Review Board?

  1. Trainee's average grade for a course is < 80%.
  2. Trainee fails a remedial examination.
  3. Trainee fails 3 examinations during a course.
  4. Trainee satisfies an academic review board trigger in a program specific training procedure (e.g. EN-TQ-113, Initial Licensed Operator Training Program Description).


How is makeup training handled?

In the case of missed training in an initial training program, the training should be made up as quickly as possible to prevent the trainee from getting too far behind.

When required continuing training has not been attended by the end of the training period, initiate an action to ensure the training is made up within the 90 day window. If training is not made up within the 90 days, qualification is suspended until makeup training is completed.


How do you collect training feedback?


Collect feedback from feedback forms

  • TQF-201-IM02, Trainee Feedback Form

Hold a facilitated critique

  • TQF-201-IM14, Facilitated Feedback Questions


How is an automatic attendance exemption completed?

5.20 Documentation

5.20[5] Automatic Exemptions

  1. An automatic exemption may be granted without completing the formal exemption process for attendance credit for the person(s) that developed, reviewed, or implemented the course materials.
  2. Learning management system exemption documentation
  • Add name to the class roster.
  • Indicate a status of "Attended".
  • Indicate in the notes section the reason for the exemption (e.g., this individual developed or implemented the course materials).