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How does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, define the goal of the Development Phase?

It creates and organizes the instructional resources that trainees and instructors will need to achieve the learning objectives with an emphasis on maximizing existing materials and resources.


What are the three key steps of the Development Phase per What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training?

  1. Identify learning activities for each learning objective.
  2. Select training methods.
  3. Develop, modify or obtain training materials.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "Identify learning activities for each learning objective?"

Accomplished by classifying the learning objective as knowledge or skill related and then developing activities to support the objective.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "select training methods?"

Training methods are techniques employed to enhance the learning process. They include:

  • lecture
  • walk-through
  • demonstration or practice
  • discussion
  • role-playing
  • case study, and other similar techniques.


What does ACAD 02-001, Accreditation of NP Training, mean when it says "Develop, modify or obtain training materials?"

Training materials are things like written texts, computer software, equipment, audiovisual materials, models, simulation devices, examinations and performance tests, based on the method of instruction. Specify the means of use.


What are the attributes and benefits of the Lecture format of instruction?

  • Public Speaking Presentation
  • Best Used for Large Groups
  • Classroom Setting
  • Well Organized Lesson Plan Presented in Logical Steps
  • Periodic Pausing for Answering Direct Questions
  • Provide Summary for Key Points


What are the attributes and benefits of the Demonstration format of instruction?

  • Teach Procedures, Skills and Tasks
  • Workshop, OJT, and Simulator
  • Small Group
  • Emphasize the importance of each step
  • Supervise performance until proficiency is achieved


What are the attributes and benefits of the Discussion format of instruction?

  • Conversation guided by instructor
  • All settings
  • Small group
  • Appoint a leader for the discussion
  • Ask questions to involve as many of the participants as possible and give all a chance to participate.


What are the attributes and benefits of the Oral Questioning format of instruction?

  • Sample comprehension of material
  • All settings
  • Small group
  • Permits direct interaction
  • Ask question to different individuals.


What are the attributes and benefits of the Role Playing format of instruction?

  • Student assumes role in real or simulated environment
  • All settings
  • Small Group
  • Effective Team Response Coordination
  • Observation of Trainee Attitudes, Philosophies and Personality Traits
  • Effective During Exercises and Drills


What are the attributes and benefits of the Walk Through format of instruction?

  • Transition from learning to job application
  • Job setting
  • Typically one-on-one
  • Actual Job Environment
  • Permits a sample comprehension of learned activity
  • Physical Plant layouts, visual spatial relationships, equipment, location and observation of trained employees performing jobs.


What are the attributes and benefits of the Self-Paced format of instruction?

  • Progress of instruction is controlled by student
  • Self-study setting
  • Individual
  • Often Used for Remedial Training


Knowledge learning objectives are used for what?

Concepts and theories


Performance learning objectives are used for what?

"hands-on" training


What are some examples of learning activities to reinforce knowledge objectives?

  • Scripted questions
  • Brainstorming concepts
  • Practice quizzes
  • Case studies


What are some examples of learning activities to reinforce performance objectives?

  • Exercises conducted in the laboratory or simulator settings
  • Dynamic learning activities
  • Mockups
  • Plant walkdowns


What is used to ensure training material complies with Design and Development Phase requirements?

Training Material Checklist, TQF-201-DD06 

Simulator Exercise Guide Checklist TQF-210-DD01


What are two key points regarding the reinforcement of operator fundamentals in the simulator and critiques? 

  1. Take impromptu "hold points" or freeze points even if they are not in training materials to reinforce when an operator fundamental is being done incorrectly or to have trainees determine if the actions they took meet the actions identified in IER 11-3.
  2. Simulator evaluation and training debriefs should consistently include a thorough review of operator fundamentals that were met and include fundamentals that need improvement in crew notebooks or crew training tracking mechanisms.


What is a Dynamic Learning Activity?

  1. A DLA is setup to be as realistic as possible.
  2. The training session is designed to allow people to self-identify their weaknesses and enhance these areas. Line management can also use this time to provide coaching.
  3. Several scenarios may be developed for a DLA, depending on the desired outcome. Roles for all participants are identified and breifings developed for each role.
  4. A DLA contains a terminal objective, enabling objectives, and a detailed description of the activity.



What is an Out of the Box Evaluation?

  1. An OBE is setup to be as realistic as possible.
  2. The number of workers evaluated by an OBE may depend on the number of workers utilized for task performance.
  3. Depending on the nature of the OBE, more than one scenario may be developed.
  4. An OBE contains a terminal objective and may include enabling objectives.
  5. A detailed description of the activity and the associated evaluation criteria (i.e. pass/fail cirteria) are also included.


What is a Practical Factor?

  1. A practical factor exercise should be setup as realistic as possible.
  2. This type of exercise is designed to reinforce fundamental knowledge and skills that may be used during multiple tasks or jobs (e.g. human performance too usage, radiation worker practicals, etc.)
  3. Several scenarios my be developed for a practical factor.
  4. The practical factor should contain a terminal objective, and enabling objectives, as appropriate.
  5. Detailed description of the activity or activities should also be included, as well as pass/fail criteria.


Are Job Familiarization Guides used for qualification?

  • No. They are designed for orientation of job familiarization for personnel who will perform certain activities as selected
  • JFG's may or may not have learning objectives.
  • Possible items in a JFG
  1. Required Reading
  2. Meetings/Seminars that should be attended or observed.
  3. Courses to be completed
  4. Interviews/discussions with selected personnel