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What is an obligate anaerobe, aerotolerant (micro aerophillic) facultative aerobe?

Obligate - killed by presence of 02
Aerotolerant - not killed in presence of 02, grows best in low o2
Facultative anaerobes - grows equally well in high or low 02


Which type of organisms needs a negative oxidation-reduction potential to survive, an aerobe or an anaerobe?

Microbes or tissues that need a positive Eh are aerobes. Those that need a negative Eh are anerobes


Why are some organisms sensitive to molecular oxygen?

Oxygen radicals such as the superoxide anion react with the double bonds of lipid membranes forming peroxides which destroy the integrity of the membranes. Oxygen can react with enzymes and shut down vital pathway that kills the cell. Superoxide dismutase removes the reactive oxygen species


Do anerobic or aerobic bacteria have superoxide dismutase ?



What are some genera of oral black-pigmenting bacteria?

Bacteroides, - Forsythus , - salivaris. porpphyromas, -endodontalis, —gingivalis, -asaychrolytica


Look at chart

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