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Neutral Subtalar

Identify abnormal rear foot or forefoot positioning.
- Prone with foot off table, DF to resistance, then pronate and supinate to find neutral. Compare rear and forefoot to leg.
- No SN or SP


Anterior Drawer

ID laxity in ATFL
- supine, heel in 20° PL. Stabilize lower def and grasp foot, then pull talus anterior.
- (+) with excessive anterior glide and/ or pain
- SN 78, SP 75


Talar TIlt

ID laxity in CFL, deltoid (kind of)
- side-lying, knee flexed and ankle neutral.
- Adduction for CFL, abduction for deltoid. (+) with excessive motion and/ or pain.
- SN 67, SP 75


Thompson test

Evaluate integrity of achille's tendon
-Prone, squeeze half muscle
-No movement = lack of integrity
-SN 40%, SP unknown


Tinel's Sign

ID dysfunction of posterior tibial N or deep fibular N
- tap over posterior tibial N posterior to medial mall
- tap over deep fibular N under dorsal retinaculum, anterior to ankle joint
-Reproduce tingling or paresthesia into N distributions
-SN 58 SP unknown


Morton's Test

ID stress fracture or neuroma in forefoot
- Supine, squeeze metatarsal heads
(+) pain in forefoot
- SN SP unknown


Kleiger's test

ID distal tibiofibular syndesmosis - high ankle sprain
- Seated edge of table, knee flexed to 90. Ever/DF force to foot.
(+) symptoms or joint gapping
- SN SP unknown



ID windlass effect of plantar fascia
-Standing for WB or sitting for NWB, passively extend first MTP joint.
(+) symptoms of plantar foot, end range for NWB
-SN 100, SP 32


Ottawa Ankle Rules

To determine if imaging is necessary
Tenderness at: posterior lateral or medial mall, base of fifth MTP, navicular, inability to bear weight for 4 steps


Bernese Ankle Rules

Ankle and mid foot fractures
Tenderness with: compression above lateral malleolus, medial malleolus, compression of mid foot on hind foot


Homan's sign

For DVT: passively extend knee and DF ankle
(+): pain in popliteal fossa or calf
false (+): calf strain or baker's cyst

Not very sensitive or specific.