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Thigh-foot angle

In prone with knee to 90°
Describes the degree of tibial torsion


3 causes of toe-in

metatarsus adductus, internal tibial torsion (most common) and hip anteversion


When is femoral anteversion considered excessive?

10-15° is normal


What would you observe with talipes equinovarus (clubfoot)?

How is it treated?

PF, inversion, adduction of the foot

Manipulation followed by casting, Stretching with orthoses in the day for 3 mo, and at night for up to 3 years


What is the typical pattern for gene vacuum?

Normal for newborns and infants
Max at 6-12 months
Straightened by 18-24 months
Max valgus at 3-4 years
straightened by 7 years


Hip Dysplagia
- etiology
- risk factors
- special tests
- treatment

Abnormality in size, shape, or orientation of femoral head, acetabulum or both.
Can result in subluxation or dislocation

- Females >males, breech position, family hx, low amniotic fluid, swaddling too tightly
- Barlow, ortolani, limited hip abduction, galeazzi sign, klisic sign
- Pavlik harness = gold standard: hip in flexion, abduction


Transient synovitis
- etiology
- S/S
- Treatment

Acute hip pain in ages 3-10, inflammation of hip synovium
- unilateral hip or groin pain, crying at night, antalgic limp, recent upper respiratory tract infection
- NSAIDS, rest, lasts 7-10 days


Legg-Calve Perthes Disease

Interrupted BS to femoral head
- ages 2-13 years
- Limp with psoas weakness, gradual onset pain, limited AROM in abduction/ extension
- cast, possibly surgery


Slipped Capital femoral epiphysis SCFL

Most common hip disorder in adolescents: femoral head displaces posterior-inferior
-operative fixation


What are the three tendon-lengthening conditions

Osgood-Schlatter disease: apophysitis of patellar tendon from tibial tubercle
Sever's Disease: apophysitis of achilles from calcanea t tuberosity
Sinding-Larsen Johannson's disease: apophsitis of patellar tendon from patella


Oteochondritis Dissecans

Occurs in adolescents 12-15 years
- Separation of cartilage from bone, usually at medial femoral condyle


Panner's disease involves which joint

humero-radial: avascular necrosis of capitulum