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When is the ideal gestation for the booking appointment? (1)

< 10weeks (8-12 weeks)


How many appointments will a primigravida and a multigravida mum have if there are no complications? (2)

First baby: up to 10
Multi: about 7


Name 3 pieces of lifestyle advice given to women at their first appointment. (3)

Folic acid supplementation
Avoid alcohol
Use of NRT
Avoid soft cheeses and only drink pasteurised milk (prevent listeriosis)
Avoid contact sports, but continue exercise
medication review


What gestations should the dating scan be undertaken? (1)
How can they assess the gestation at this stage? (1)

11 - 13+6 weeks
Crown - rump length


What gestation should the anomaly scan be performed? (1)

18 - 20+6 weeks


What is PAPP-A? (1)

Pregnancy associated plasma protein A


What is the advice regarding folic acid supplementation? (2)

From 1 month pre-conception to 12/40.
Give 400mcg od
Give 5mg od if on anti-epileptics, diabetic or previous NTD


What investigations should be performed at the booking visit? (4)

Mid stream urine culture
Blood group antibodies
Syphilis, HIV, Hep B
Rubella immunity
OGTT if previous GDM


When is the combined test undertaken for Down's syndrome? (1)
What factors are included? (3)

Nuchal translucency, PAPP-A and beta hCG at 11-13+6 weeks


If a woman presents after 13+6 weeks and wishes to have screening for Down's syndrome, what can she be offered? (1)

Quadruple test.
b-hCG, oestriol, AFP and inhibin A


If a woman is found to be at higher risk of Down's syndrome (1:150) what are the options for diagnostic testing? (2)

CVS: 15 weeks

NB both have 1% risk of miscarriage


When is the foetal anomaly scan? (1)

20 weeks