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1 to trust or depend on someone or something to do what you need or expect them to do

покладатися на

rely on/upon somebody/something phrasal verb

I knew I could rely on David.

rely on somebody/something to do something

Many working women rely on relatives to help take care of their children.

rely on/upon somebody/something for

Many people now rely on the Internet for news.


someone or something that is ___________ can be trusted or depended on [= dependable;]


Miller was a quiet and reliable man.
—reliably adverb
—reliability noun [uncountable]


1round/square etc [uncountable and countable]
the form that something has, for example round, square, triangular etc


[British English] What shape is the table?

[British English] You can recognize a tree by the shape of its leaves.

round/square etc in shape

[British English] The dining room was square in shape.
[British English] His battered old hat had completely lost its shape.

in the shape of something

[British English] a silver pin in the shape of a large bird
[British English] The plants grow in every shape and size.
[British English] The children cut out shapes (=squares, triangles etc) from the piece of cardboard.

out of shape
[British English] The wheel had been bent out of shape.


a disadvantage of a situation, plan, product etc


draw‧back [countable]

[British English] It's a great city - the only drawback is the weather.

drawback of/to (doing) something
[British English] The main drawback to these products is that they tend to be too salty.


1 [sentence adverb] as a result of something that you have just mentioned

таким чином

thus formal

Most of the evidence was destroyed in the fire. Thus it would be almost impossible to prove him guilty.

! In spoken English it is more usual to use so.


1 a strong desire to have or do something even though you know you should not


temp‧ta‧tion [uncountable and countable]
1 There might be a temptation to cheat if students sit too close together.

Resist the temptation to buy the item until you're certain you need it.

I finally gave in to the temptation and had a cigarette.