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What is the atomic number

The number of protons


When are compounds formed?

Compounds are formed when atoms of two or more elements are chemically combined together


What is an isotope?

Isotopes are different atomic forms of the same element which have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons


What happens in ionic bonding?n

In ionic bonding atoms lose all gain electrons to form charged particles called ions which are then strongly attracted to one another


What is the mass number?

The total of protons and neutrons


What structure do ionic compounds have?

Ionic compounds have a regular lattice structure


Name the Properties of ionic compounds (2)

1) The ions form a closely packed regular lattice arrangement

2)there are very strong electrostatic forces of attraction between oppositely charged ions in all directions


What are the similar properties between all ionic compounds

1) They all have high melting points and high boiling points due to the strong attraction between ions
2) ionic compounds dissolve easily in water


What happens when ionic compounds melt?

When ionic compounds melt the ions are free to move and they'll carry electric current


How can you get ionic compounds to conduct electricity?

By melting them or by dissolving them in water.
Dissolving them is easier though as it takes a lot of energy to melt an ionic compound


What is the overall charge of any compound?



Sodium chloride has a giant ionic structure does it have a high or low boiling point?

High boiling point


Why do ionic compounds conduct electricity when dissolved?

When ionic compounds are dissolved the ions separate and are free to move and the solution these three moving charged particles are the solution to carry electric current


What is covalent bonding?

This is where atoms share electrons with each other so that they have full outer shells