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What are some uses of Nitinol?

-glasses frames
-dental braces


How many atoms do nanoparticles contain?

A few hundred atoms


What are fullerenes?

These are molecules of carbon shaped like hollow balls or closed tubes. The carbon atoms are arranged in hexagonal rings


What can fullerenes be joined together to form?

Nano tubes


What can nanotubes be used for and why?

They can be used to reinforce graphite in tennis rackets. This is because all those covalent bonds make carbon nanotubes very strong


Rockcod nano materials be useful because of its huge surface area to volume ratio?

To make industrial catalysts


You can use nano particles to make sensors to detect one type of molecule and nothing else. These highly specific senses already used to do what?

To test water purity


Why can nanotubes be used to make building materials?

They are stronger and lighter


Why are nano particles being used in new cosmetics such as suntan cream and deodorant?

The small white particles do their job but don't leave white marks on the skin


What is the idea of nano medicine and what does this mean?

The idea is that tiny fullerenes are absorbed more easily by the body than most particles. This means they could deliver drugs right into the cells where they're needed


New lubricant coatings of being developed using fullerenes. How does this work?

these coatings reduce friction and are used in all sorts of places from artificial joints to gears


Nanotubes conduct electricity. What can they be used in?

Tiny electric circuits for computer chips


What is Nitinol

A shape memory metal alloy