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What is the example of a weak force polymer?

Thermo softening polymer


Why are thermo softening polymers weak forced?

Thermo softening polymers don't have cross links between chains


How awesome are softening polymers weak because they don't have cross links between chains?

The forces between the chains are really easy to overcome so it's easy to melt the plastic. When it cools the polymer hardens into a new shape. You come out these plastics and remould them as tiny as you like.


Describe the structure of strong forces in polymers

Some plastics have stronger intermolecular forces between the polymer chains called cross links that hold the chains firmly together


What is an example of a strong force polymer?

A thermosetting polymer


Why di Thermo softening polymers have strong forces because they have Crosslinks?

These cross links hold the chains together in a solid structure. The Polymer doesn't soften when it's heated. thermosetting polymer is a strong hard and rigid


What two factors can effect the properties of a polymer

-The starting materials
- reaction conditions


What two types of polythene can be made using different conditions?

-lower density polythene
-high density polythene


How is low density polythene made?

Low-density polyethylene is made by heating ethane to about 200°C under high pressure


How is high density polythene made?

High density polythene is made at a lower temperature and pressure with a catalyst


What is Low density polythene used for and why?

- bags and bottles because it's flexible


What is high density polythene made for and why?

What are tanks and drainpipes because it's more rigid


What does the plastics melting point to tell you about the forces between the polymer chains?

The higher the melting point the stronger forces holding the polymer chains together


What are intermolecular forces between polymer chains called?

Cross links


Give two things that can effect the properties of a polymer

The starting materials and the reaction conditions


Give the name of the type of molecule that can be joined together to make carbon nanotubes



Describe the structure of a weak forces

Individual tangled chains of polymers held together by weak intermolecular forces are free to slide over each other