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a sung poem, first taking shape in the later Middle Ages, that recounts a dramatic story; passed down orally through generations; arising in the romantic period, the literary version attempts to capture the sentiments of the common people in the same way the traditional version had



a movement of American writers in the 1950s who saw American society as oppressively conformist; these writers rejected mainstream values, seeking ways to escape through drugs, various forms of spirituality, and/or sexual experimentation; writers celebrated freedom of expression and held generally anti-establishment views about politics; writing rejected conventional norms of structure and diction

Beat movement


a novel that explores the maturation of the protagonist, with the narrative usually moving the main character from childhood into adulthood; aka a coming-of-age story



unrhymed iambic pentameter; most commonly used verse form in English because it is the verse form that comes closest to the natural speech patterns

blank verse