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a story, written in either prose or verse



aka frame story; plot device in which the author places the main narrative of the work within another narrative, which serves to explain the main narrative in some way

narrative frame


the voice and implied speaker of a fictional work, to be distinguished from the actual author; objective version recounts only what characters say and do, offering no insight onto their thinking or analysis of events, leaving all interpretation to the reader; unreliable version is biased and doesn't give a full or accurate picture of events in the narrative, they may be unreliable due to youth, inexperience, madness, intentional or unethical bias, or lack of morals



a rhyme that pairs sounds that are similar but not exactly the same

near rhyme/slant rhyme


understanding there is only one world, in which we are included; no supernatural world everything is in the natural world



drama that, in content, presentation, or both, departs markedly from fidelity to the outward appearances of life

nonrealistic drama


a reply or remark that does not have any relevance to what occasioned or preceded it; in rhetoric, a conclusion that does not logically follow from the premises (lit.: "it does not follow")

non sequitur


a short novel, from the Italian word for "story"