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What are the seven common denominators of a base camp

● Inner perimeter
● Inner barrier
● Outer primeter
● Outer barrier
● Administrative area
● Access road
● Surrounding area-a


What surrounds the inner perimeter of a camp

protective wall or berm


What are the characteristics of the Inner Barrier

● Is the obstacle zone surrounding the Inner Perimeter.
● Has two or more barbed wire entanglements in depth w/intervals between them.
● Mustbewideenoughtopreventenemyfrom getting within grenade throwing range.
● Has personnel passage opening
● Access road for vehicles to enter the inner perimeter.


Where are the majority of the camp reaction force and
weapons located

Outer Perimeter


What is the central defensive position of a camp

Outer Perimeter


Where is the the Administrative Area located relative to the camp? Why is it positioned here?

Adjacent to the camp between the outer barrier and the HLZ/Airfield.
This area permits the camp to offer medical and administrative services to the local population while at the same time not allowing them access to the camp.


Which road breaches all barriers and perimeters of the camp.

Access road


What is the primary role of the TACFAC

support special operations (SO) and function as a tactical and operational base.


What is the secondary role of the TACFAC

To be an administration center that develops, nurtures, and maintains liaison with local host-nation (HN) representatives of the military, civilian, and religious leadership.


What are the 3 phases of TACFAC development

– initial
– temporary
– permanent