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When do N/V and breast tenderness (as Sx of pregnancy) tend to occur?

within the first trimester and then they go away


What is quickening?

the date of initial perception of fetal activity


What term describes the blueing of the vagina and cervix in a pregnant woman?

Chadwick's sign


What term describes the hyperpigmentation of the face giving a raccoon look in pregnancy?

chloasma or melanasma


T/F: a woman is pregnant and feels sick so she goes to bed and feels better in the morning. This is a good sign.

False that is not "a reassuring sign". Why? Who knows I'll probably forget this in 1 week.


T/F: a qualitative beta-HCG is good enough to diagnose pregnancy

true, you usually don?t need a quantitative one unless you are concerned about the pregnancy or if it is ectopic


T/F: it is an "encouraging sign" for the beta-HCG to double every week

false, the beta hcg should double every 2-3 days


When can you first see signs of pregnancy in the uterus on ultrasound?

5 weeks


What are 2 ways to determine someones estimated date of delivery?

FDLNMP or first US


When using FDLNMP to estimate EDD, why is it important that the woman has normal periods?

That indicates that she is consistently ovulating at the same time


When does the due date by FDLNMP trump the US due date?

when the FDLNMP due date is within the confidence of the ultrasound it is more accurate


What is the time difference between gestational age and embyrological age?

2 weeks


What is the range that defines full term

37-42 weeks


The FDLNMP to EDD is _______ weeks



T/F: most women deliver on their due date

false almost no one delivers on their due date


What test do you need to Dx an ectopic pregnancy?

quantitative B-HCG


What effect on the risk of miscarraige does taking vitamins 3 months before conception have?

reduces it by 50%


Since a pregnant UTI can be asymptomatic you want to Tx in order to prevent what obstetric complication?



What is the purpose of performing Leopold's maneuvers after 30 weeks?

This is to determine the presentation of the baby i.e. Breech etc.


What was the issue with AFP as a screening tool?

not specific


What do we look for now on US? (that has replaced AFP)

nuchal lucency, recall that Down's is assoc. with thickned nuchal tissue


In 1st trimester screening you look for these 2 things in the blood work

PAPP-A is lower than usual with Down's and Inhibin A which is higher than usual with Down's


What is the best test to use if there is no US tech to do the nuchal lucency?

Serum Sequential, Integrated (non-disclosure) Screening--well, if this isn't rote memorization I don't know what is


When do screening tests for trisomies and neural tube defects get replaced by diagnostic tests?

If there are high risks such as maternal diabetes and previous Hx of having a baby with one of these problems or if the screening test was performed and indicates a higher than normal risk status


What are 2 diagnostic tests that can be done?

INVASIVE amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling NON INVASIVE cell free DNA


What 4 lab studies should be done at 24-28 weeks gestation?

CBC, 1 hour 50 gram glucola test, Rhogam, and Vaginal culture


When is Group B strep cultured for? What is the Tx?

35-36 weeks, intrapartum antibiotics with penicillin G or ampicillin


Who gets treated for group B strep?

any woman who has had GB"B"S (it's not even beta hemolytic) bacteriuria or who has given birth to an infant with GBBS disease


What is the newest testing for fetal wellbeing?

Cord doppler velocimetry and is used mostly in pregnancies at risk for IUGR or FGR (same thing)


A normal cord doppler should show what kind of motion of blood flow?

forward flow in both systole and diastole