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2 reasons for antenatal surveillance

ID patients at risk for fetal mortality/morbidity and decrease the rates of these


What is being measured in a non-stress test?

fetal heart rates (accelerations and variability)


Define a reactive test for a non-stress test

2 accelerations of 15 bpm ABOVE BASELINE lasting 15 sec each in a 20 minute period


What is a nonreactive non stress test?

something is missing so you didn?t get 2 acclerations in 20 min or one or both wasn?t 15 bpm above baseline, etc.


NST's are often done after this week

32 weeks gestation


What is a CST?

contraction stress test


What are 2 ways to perform a contraction stress test?

oxytocin or nipple stimulation (with warm towel) to induce contractions


What defines a VALID (not pos or neg) test contraction stress test?

the woman must have 3 contractions lasting 40-60 seconds within 10 minute period


Define negative and positive results of a CST

negative = no late decelerations with woman having adequate contractions; positive = late decelerations with > 50% of contractions


What defines a suspcious CST?

decelerations are present with some of the contractions but not > 50%


What defines an unsatisfactory CST?

inadequate uterine activity, i.e. not valid, oxytocin and nipple stim couldn?t induce contractions


What result from an NST and CST is a GOOD result? i.e. good news for mom/baby

NST a positive result is good, CST a negative result is good


What is the other way of antenatal testing aside from NST and CST?

Biophysical profile (BPP); it utilizes an NST and REAL TIME ULTRASOUND


What are the POSSIBLE scoring outcomes of a BPP?

0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (10 =max) no such thing as 3, 5, 7 or 9


What are the 5 components of BPP?

fetal breathing movements, gross body movement, fetal tone, NST, and amniotic fluid volume


Which component of the BPP is "the first to show and the last to go"?

fetal breathing movements


for each of the 5 aspects of a BPP what are the 2 possible scores

either a 0 or a 2, why the person who came up with this decided to be a psycho and not make it 0 or 1 is beyond comprehension


When should you do antenatal testing on a diabetic mother

at 28-40 weeks


When should you do antenatal testing on a pre-ecclamptic woman

after 26 weeks


When should you do antenatal testing on a woman past her due date?

at 41-42 weeks


When should you do antenatal testing on a woman whose baby is diagnosied with IUGR?

at the time of diagnosis


When should you do antenatal testing on a woman with a history of a stillbirth?

at 32 weeks