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A 33 year pilot has had three depressive episodes in the past, which were treated with short term use of antidepressants and counseling. After his last bout, his physician would like to keep him on a low dose antidepressant as a prophylactic measure. Which family of antidepressants would be aeromedically acceptable for such a regimen?
a) Tricyclic antidepressant agents
b) Monamine oxidase inhibitors
c) Selective Serotonin inhibitors
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

E. None of the above. At the present time, no policy exists in the United States for a pilot to fly while taking any antidepressant medication or psychotropic agent on a routine basis.


A pilot consults you because he has been feeling fatigued and run down lately. In taking his history, you elicit the following information. Which items is likely to be the least significant stressor?
a) His brother recently died
b) He was recently married
c) He recently broke his arm
d) He recently change his line or work.

d) recent change in work.

Death of a spouse is high.
Death of a close family member is high.
Personal injury or illness is high.
Change in financial state is lower
Change in work is lower.


All US aeromedical certifying agencies agree that a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder disqualifies a flier from piloting an aircraft. Under what circumstances may such a flier be cleared into the cockpit after a psychotic disorder has occurred?

A toxic exposure or medication reaction. For example, metal fume fever, solvent fumes, steroid psychosis etc.