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Lineage (n.)

ancestry; upper class

While they waited, a distinguished-looking chieftan questioned the soldiers about their lineage (34).


dexterous (adj.)

skillful with hands; clever

Then in his glittering corselet of chainmail, the work of a dexterous smith, Beowulf spoke up (36).


gorging (v.)

overeating or over drinking; consuming something in large quantities

The killers did not have the pleasure of gorging themselves upon me for their dinner on the sea-floor (40).


marauder (n.)

raider; prowler

For Hygelac's mighty kinsmen was watching to see how the marauder would set about his murderous business (44).


din (n).

commotion; noise

A stupendous din went up (45).


miscreant (n.)

criminal; troublemaker

These stout-hearted fighting men did not realize that no earthly blade or sword of the finest metal can touch the miscreant, who had laid a spell on every kind of edged weapon (45).


wantonly (adv,)

cruelly; viciously; without care

It was now that Grendel, the enemy of God who had wantonly committed numberless atrocities against the human race (45).


resolute (adj.)


It was thus that the resolute, cool-hearted man who come from a distant land purged Hrothgar's hall and defended it from attack (46).


purged (v.)

vacated; eliminated

It was thus that the resolute, cool-hearted man who come from a distant land purged Hrothgar's hall and defended it from attack (46).


prodigious (adj.)

enormous in size or strength

But, as it turned out, his sword drove through the prodigious Worm with such force that the blade stuck in the rock opposite and the dragon was annihilated (47).


audaciously (adv.)

boldly; daringly

When we audaciously took on the might of the unknown we fought and discharged out task with the greatest goodwill (49).


moors (n.)

high lands with rough grass and bushes

The grim demon was called Grendel, a notorious ranger of the borderlands, who inhabited the fastness of moors and fens (29).


moored (v.)

secured a ship at dock

The great ship, moored, rode quietly at anchor (34).


progenies (n.)


From Cain were hatched all evil progenies (29).


glutted (adj.)

full of; loaded with

Then, glutted with slaughter, he went home to his lair exulting over his spoil (29).


lamentation (n.)

grief; mourning

A great cry went up in the morning; lamentation followed the revels (30).


unremitting (adj.)

constant; nonstop

The struggle was too harsh, evil, and unremitting (30).


enmity (n.)

hatred; ill will

Soon it was easy to find a man who looked for sleeping quarters farther off, or for a bed in the outbuildings, once the glaring evidence of the enmity of Heorot's latest henchman became manifest (30).


stalwart (adj.)

courageous; loyal

Well-born, stalwart, and the strongest of living men; a man was a hero among the Geats (31).


formidable (adj.)


But I have never anywhere seen a more formidable champion than that armed man in you midst (32).


tribulation *adj.)

misery; suffering

Otherwise must put up with tribulation so long as his great heart stands upon its eminence (33).


corselet (n.)

upper body armor; chainmail; foundation garmet (girdle)

Each tough hand-linked coat of mail sparkled, and the shimmering ringlets of iron clinked in their corselet (34).