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What are the binding forces in drug receptor interactions?

covalent bonds
ionic bonds
hydrogen bonds
van der waals bond
hydrophobic interactions


What are covalent bonds?

two atoms share a pair of electrons in their outer electron shell


What does covalent bindings of drug to receptors result in?

results in long lasting complexes which CANNOT be separated under physiological conditions.


What is ionic bonding?

electrostatic attraction forces between charged ions involving the transfer of one or more electron(s) from one atom to another

can be separated under physiological conditions


What are hydrogen bonds?

proton to accept an electron from donor atoms such as oxygen or nitrogen.


What is a Van der waal bond?

attractive forces between nonpolar molecules.

due to the electrical attraction between the nucleus of one molecule and the electrons of another

very weak but causes affects when molecules are together


What are hydrophobic interactions?

tendency of nonpolar molecules to interact with one another

important for lipid soluble drugs


What type of interactions does drug and receptors undergo?

not caused by any single type of receptor.