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What is a bioartificial organ?

a human made device designed to replace, duplicate, or augment functionality of a missing, diseased, or incomplete body part which requires a non-biologic material interface within the living tissue
Does not include transplants from a donor
Can be temporary or permanent
Includes cosmetic devices


What is an autograft?

Tissue taken from oneself
Tissue taken. modified, then returned to the same individual
Ex: bone graft, skin graft, coronary artery bypass grafting, ligands tendons
Usually no immune event or rejection


What is an allograft?

Transplant of an organ or tissue between two genetically non-identical members of the same species
Most transplants are allograft
Immune rejection event usually occurs


What is an isograft?

organ or tissue in which the donor and recipient are genetically identical
minimal chance of immune rejection


What is a Xenograft?

transplant of organs or tissue from one species to another
can be extremely dangerous
still in research stages
Porcine heart valve
baboon to human heart


What are the four groups of bioartifical organs?

bone/joint replacements
skin/soft tissue like cartilage
internal organs
sensory organs


What is tissue engineering?

use of cells, artificial materials, and suitable chemical factors to improve or replace biological functions


What is bioprinting?

living cells are precisely printed based on a pattern


How are bioartificial organs generated in industry?

Using biomaterials


What is regenerative medicine?

use of stem cells to grow an organ in a laboratory setting