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When does the foreign body response occur?

When materials of non degradable, synthetic, and metallic components are implanted for long-term use


How is the foreign body response perceived at the clinical level?

Expected to occur
associated with negative implications for implant longevity


Does the foreign body response occur for biodegradable materials?

Only when it has not be designed appropriately


Describe the cascade of the foreign body response.

1: Blood-material interaction
2: proteins adsorb and create a film-like deposition
3: cell infiltration of platelets and monocytes
4: the adhered cells release cytokines and chemokine for inflammation response
5: cells are recruited for tissue repair
6: fibrous encapsulation of tissue


What is M1 macrophage?

classically activated
pancake, flat structure


What is the M2 macrophage

wound healing
wound up structure


What is (post) chronic inflammation?

activated when macrophages remain at the implant site
lasts weeks to months
causes granulation tissue formation by depositing ECM with robust angiogenesis at implantation site
If non-degradable, foreign body response begins


What is the "foreign body giant cell"?

The fusion of several macrophages to try to eat the massive materials chunk


What is encapsulation?

the material is coated in an increasingly dense layer of collagenous connective tissue
causes isolation from surrounding tissue, known as granuloma