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Endemic means a species are found only in one area


Genetic diversity

Genetic diversity is the variety of alleles in gene pool.



Biodiversity is the variety of all species on Earth


Why is biodiversity important

Biodiversity is important because it adds complexity to food webs
Microorganisms decompose material to release nutrients
We rely on organisms for buildings, food and medicines
Diverse ecosystems can survive disasters better.


What is process of speciation

Process of speciation is:
Mutation causes natural variation among offspring.
Geographical isolation occurs, e.g a river separating so species are reproductively isolated so gene flow between 2 populations is blocked
Due to different environments and natural variation, those better adapted to their environment e.g better camouflaged survived and reproduced, passing on their alleles to their offspring. After a long period of time, the species splits into 2 because they cannot interbreed to produce fertile offspring as they are so different.


What are selection pressures

Selection pressures are variables that reduce reproductive success in a population e.g disease, predators, weather


What is speciation

Speciation is formation of distinct species in course of evolution.