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How do different species avoid competition in the same habitat

Different species occupy different niches (way organism uses environment) so they tend not to compete with each other unless they occupy the same niche.



Adaptations are characteristics which increase an organisms chance of survival and reproduction in its environment


Co-adaptation definition and examples

Co-adaptation is when 2 species adapt simultaneously.
E.g whistling thorns let ants live in old swollen thorns to deter herbivores.
Ants have a place to live now


What is Evolution process

Evolution process is
Mutation gives rise to new alleles in population
Selection pressure (abiotic/biotic) (predatory/prey/mates/pH/water) occurs, so some struggle to survive.
If there are Individuals with useful alleles they will be more likely survive and pass alleles to offspring
Increased frequency of new allele in population/advantageous allele frequency increases
May give rise to speciation


What is evolution definition

Evolution definition is change in allele frequency within a population in response to a change in selection pressure.


How can 2 different species evolve from a common ancestor

2 different species can evolve from a common ancestor by:
Populations are geographically isolated
Leading to reduced gene flow between 2 populations
Different selection pressures leading to natural selection