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What a valid result

A valid result is when you know you have measured what you intended to measure


What is precision

Precision is closeness of agreement between individual results obtained using same procedure under exact same conditions


What is accuracy

Accuracy is measure of closeness of agreement between results and an accepted "true" value


What are repeatable results

Repeatable results are replicate results that are in close agreement


What are reproducible results

Reproducible results are results produced someone else who follows exactly same procedure using same apparatus and materials but at a different place and time


What are systematic errors

Systematic errors are always same throughout investigation. For example, when a measuring device gives readings that are incorrect by a certain value


What are random errors

Random errors are when do not carry out procedure in exactly the same way each time e.g read apparatus a slightly different way


What is validity usually about

Validity is usually about:
Keeping controlled variables constant
Standardizing experimental procedures (doing same things in same way)
Using apparatus appropriately