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What does analyse data to mean

Analyse data means they want to describe trends, then evaluate/explain/draw conclusions from data. (Depending on command word after)


What does assess mean

Assess means give careful consideration to all factors or events that apply and identify which are most important/relevant. Make a judgement on importance of something.


How many decimal places should your answer be (with the command word calculate)

Your answer should be the same number of decimal places as in original data.


What does comment on mean

Comment on means analyse (describe) data and then give conclusion.


What does criticise mean

Criticise means to inspect a set of data, experimental plan or scientific statement and consider the elements. Look at merits and faults of info presented and support judgements by giving evidence.


Example of criticism

Example of criticism is if a student has written a conclusion from an investigation, you would be identifying which parts are supported by data and which parts are not, quoting data/evidence


What does determine mean

Determine means answer must have a quantitative element from info provided, do a sum. When reading off a graph you MUST draw lines with a ruler to axes


What does deduce mean

Deduce means draw conclusions from provided info (what detectives do)


What does describe mean?

Describe means to give an account, no justification needed. Or if question says analyse, then describe, no figures needed, description of what you see.


What does discuss mean

Discuss means identify issue/argument that is being assessed within question.
Explore all aspects of an issue/argument and investigate issue (say why)
Highlight key words in question to help identification.
Analyse (describe) each piece of evidence given
Include summary sentence that exactly answers what question asks.


What does evaluation mean

Evaluation means review info then bring it to a conclusion.
A and E, for each piece of evidence (table/graph) you are given write description and then an explanation, then use this to come to a conclusion


What does explain mean

Explain means explanation requires a justification. Say why


What is describing a function

Describing a function means describe what they do and how they do it.