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The three domains

Bacteria, archaea, and eukarya


The scientific process

1. Make an observation
2.Ask questions
3. Formulate a hypothesis and an alternate hypothesis
4. Make a prediction
5. Design an experiment
6. Conduct the experiment
7. Collect data, analyze data, and report results
8. Draw conclusion


Describe: Plasma Membrane

Composed of phospholipid bilayers with embedded glycoproteins. It is semipermeable, and controls the passage of organic molecules, ions, water, and oxygen in/out of the cell. Cellular waste products leave through it as well


Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic

Prokaryotic: No nucleus, no membrane-bound organelles, unicellular, archaea & bacteria

Eukaryotic: Membrane-bound nucleus, membrane-bound organelles, multiple rod shaped chromosomes where DNA is stored


Bacteria structure

Hair-like appendages called pili on the outside, cell wall,