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How many strokes did it take to kill Holofernes?

It took two strokes to kill him.


How long did Judith stay in doors?

She stayed in doors for three years and four months.


For who was Judith written for?

Judith was written for Judean Jews.


What is the biblical genre for Judith?

The biblical genre is historical fiction written in story telling format.


Name three characters from Judith.

1) Judith: widow, very religious, oddly holds strong respect from the elders, frees Bethulia
2) Elders and Ozias: Leaders of Bethulia who tried testing God
3) Holofernes: Chief commanader for Nebuchadnezzar and lead the blockade of Bethulia from all supplies
4) Nebuchadnezzar: King of Assyria


How was Judith able to kill Holofernes?

She was able to seduce him, with her wisdom and beauty.


Where did Judith say she was going, every night when she would leave?

She said she would go pray.


Who is the author of Judith?

The authorship of Judith is unknown but it is believed to be a Jewish male.


What is the theological significance of Judith?

The theological significance is that she was a Jewish woman who defeated the enemy of the Jews.


Why do you think the story Judith didn’t get accepted?

It wasn’t accepted because it was about a Jewish woman.



- Believed to be written at the end of the Maccabean Revolt
- Takes place during the 12th yr of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar


Theological Significance

She was a Jewish woman who defeated the enemy of the Jews


Why was Judith excluded from the Canon

- main reason unknown
- 4 theories
1) rabbis diaspproved of some of the contents
2) Written too late to make the cut into the Canon
3) Written in Greek and only Hebrew and Aramic writings are a part of the Canon
4) Story contributes little importance to the Jewish religion


Biblical genre

historical fiction/
storytelling format