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The Doctrine of God

- I AM = eternally present
- People are limited by time and space
- God enters into our “story/time”
- He reveals himself in a variety of ways
- What was in the Old Testament
=>God creator of all things
=>God is Omnipresent: everywhere
=> God is Omniscient: all-knowing
=> God is Omnipotent: brings victory, able to do anything
=> God is Transcendence: => God is beyond our experiences, beyond our limits, beyond the limits of ordinary experiences
=> God brings them victory, survival
- Names of God
=> Holy One
=> King of Kings
=> Blessed One (Blessed is He)
=> Heaven
=> The Name
=> Shekinah


The Doctrine of Angels

Intermediaries that - bring/connect God’s message to humanity
- Between God and humans
- Between God and leaders (i.e. Moses)
- Fought God’s battles
- 2 Maccabees says: Angels are “Children of Israel” to protect Israel
Enoch describes angels: not human, not divine but have human description

- 2 Jobs
1) To worship God
2) Bring God’s message to people
- Every nation had a guardian angel
- Angel of Death = end times’ drama / to destroy evil ???


7 Archangels

1) Uriel
2) Raphael
3) Raguel
4) Michael: head of the angels
5) Saragael
6) Gabriel
7) Remiel



- Demons were like angels but they’re fallen
- Punished angel
- Earth was their dwelling
- Created to make trouble for humans
- God permits them to torture humans
Example: Job
- Doing their work for Satan


Names of fallen angels

1) Masteba
2) Mastema
3) Sammael
4) Asmodeus
5) Satan: head of the demons
=> Demons worship Satan



- Is a feminine noun
- Knowledge, Understanding things
- Greek: the more you know, the wiser you are
=> The more you accomplish, more wisdom
- “My Biblical Theology of Life” (Tim)
=> What life is about, Biblical foundation
- Obeying the law
- Not speculation
- God’s word and our response
- Wisdom of Solomon: describing laws through “king,” a representative of God ???
=> Not what you do with it, but it is the word of God
=> When God speaks, wisdom is heard
- Book of Sirach: Wisdom is synonymous with God’s Word


Wisdom and the Law

- Obedient person is a wise person
- Go hand-in-hand



- Certain rights
- The way you ask God to respond to you should be the way I respond to others
- How saying it and in a way it’s received well
- End result is right
=> “Wisdom” - when, where, how
- Learn from others, Bible...